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  "Giving our customers the possibility to optimally protect life, property and the environment"
- Extings business statement
  Exting AB, founded in the spring of 2000 by Gerda Gardebom and Stefan Lindstrom, is a company that works to protect life, property and environment from fire and destruction. Exting is the market leader in fire suppression systems with chemical extinguishing gases and and the company is getting stronger in the inert gases and water mist segments. The company has extensive experience in fire protection and safety and our goal is to offer our customers the best possible product solutions. Exting is accredited by SWEDAC to install and handle pressure equipment.

Exting Trading AB was formed in 2009 to separate product sales from Extings core business.

Exting is a "Certifierad anläggarfirma gassläckssytem" which means we have proven skills for installation of fire-fighting equipment. Exting is also accredited by SWEDAC to install and handle pressure equipment.


What is SBSC?

SBSC, Swedish Fire & Security Certification AB, is a company that certifies products, quality systems, personnel and firms within fire protection and crime prevention. SBSC is owned by the Fire Protection Association Sweden and the Swedish Theft Prevention Association (SSF). They are also members of EFSG (The European Fire and Security Group)

Exting AB, Sollentunavägen 82-84, 191 40 Sollentuna, Sweden - Telephone: +46 8 441 40 80, Telefax: +46 8 444 91 77

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