Porsi kraftverk


Porsi Hydro Power Station, Vuollerim, Sweden - Vattenfall Vattenkraft AB
Monday, 12 August, the alarm went off at Porsi Power Station in Vuollerim - a fire had broken out in Generator 1!
Fortunately the Generator building was equipped with a fire suppression system delivered by Exting AB, which quickly extinguished the fire and minimized damage to technical equipment and to the building. Fires of this type causes great damage and may completely destroy both generator and buildings, at costs of 100's of million SEK.
The end result this time was that the part that caused the fire will need to be replaced, while everything else is completely unharmed. The system was back in operation two days after the incident.

Comments by Vattenfall
Extings fire suppression system minimized damages to the generator and saved the whole building from being destroyed. After the fire suppression system extinguished the fire, we waited for about 24 hours before anyone went inside the generator, since the risk of reignition of this type of fire is very high.

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